Blanketing Ceremony Video

Dean Deluizio Participates in Blanketing Ceremony

2019 marks the  125th Anniversary of the The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen's University.  This video  documents the first time the Dean of Engineering participating in the Blanketing Ceremony.  Billie Kearn's is also the first engineer of her extended family.  The Convocation Ceremony was symbolic of not only Billie's academic journey, but also of her family's journey and her people's journey.

Billie's family went from living off the land in my grand-fathers lifetime to my daughter graduating from engineering in three  generations. We had three generations in Indian Residential Schools.  This was not lost on me at this moment. Moreover, the spontaneous applause from all in attendance moved me to tears. A reconciliation moment that I will never forget. - Vina Wolf