Bespoke Traditional Regalia for Indigenous Graduates

The engineering dress for my engineer..j

Queen's University Engineering Graduate at Convocation

Billie Jane Kearns is Dene from the Athabasca Delta. She graduated from Engineering at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Queen's  Indigenous graduates may opt for a Blanketing Ceremony in lieu of or with the Academic Undergraduate Hooding Ceremony.  Billie chose the Blanketing Ceremony.  Queen's Indigenous graduates may also choose to wear their traditional regalia in lieu of the academic regalia.  Billie chose to wear a traditional Dene dress for her Convocation Ceremony.

I would love to make traditional regalia for other Indigenous graduates to wear at their University Convocation. And yes, it is expensive. It always has been, even in the pre-contact period this clothing was expensive. What is 1000 hours worth? Add the materials and you will have and idea.  But the clothing was as valued then as it is now. Heirloom pieces that will be in your family for generations, or contributed to a museum collection to be shared with the world.

I am a couturier, suma cum laude from L'Académie de Dessin de Mode Richard Robinson.  I create bespoke clothing. Nothing is more bespoke than traditional regalia made for you.  Using your tribal clothing designs and icons, with colors that reflect your faculty and area of study, your clan, your family and your home.  Your regalia will be one of a kind, to fit you perfectly. This is not just a one time ceremonial dress.  Regalia may also be  used for ceremony, pow wows,  black tie events or any event where you wish to represent your people in a sophisticated manner.